We specialize in mixed loads of fruits and vegetables. We treat both the large and the small amounts that we can meet the needs of every type of customer from Department Markets, wholesalers, we satisfy all so warm and attentive.

The fresh goods are not left standing, for this reason we are always active and don’t take time off, so as to get the fresh products to you in as little time as possible.

From the fields to your warehouses within 48 hours.



One thing that people cannot deny is the fact that not many companies can imitate this. Thanks to the best selected carriers whose competence and excellent punctuality allow us to deliver within maximum 48 hours of ordering, to many countries inEurope, like Germany, Austria and Holland.

For Example:
An order recieved to us before midday Monday, allows us to have the goods cut in Puglia, Marche, Tuscany etc, wthin that day. OnTuesday it arrives in Verona and on Wednesday morning before1.00 am it is already found on sale in the markets of Germany and Holland.


From field to wharehouse within 48h 48h


Certified products 100%